Ben Hutton
Personal Trainer


Hi, I'm Ben, a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer based in Bury St Edmunds.

I have always been passionate about sports and fitness, mainly rugby and weight training, but it is only in recent years I have taken an interest in nutrition, since doing so, my goals became more achievable and results were more visible. I am now focusing my own training on body weight exercises, balance and flexibility to improve all aspects of my physical fitness.

I am a big believer in setting specific goals, this is a good way to measure progress and keep you motivated. I believe in making healthy changes to your lifestyle to make sure you can realistically achieve and maintain your desired body, rather than taking things to the extreme and setting yourself up to fail. I'll create a PERSONAL training programme designed for you, and my service doesn't end after a 1 hour session, I am available for messaging between sessions for any questions or advice you need, i'll also provide you with workouts to take away with you, and we will have regular reviews.

I am a highly motivated and passionate individual, and I will work hard with you to BUILD A BETTER YOU!