The Importance of Water


It is no secret that most of the human body is made up of water, in fact, around 60% of an adults body is water.

The human body never stops functioning, if it did, you’d be dead, and the internal processes that occur require water. Your body will use around 2-2.5L per day, and this is why you’ll see recommendations to drink AT LEAST 2L water per day to replenish this. However, if you exercise, or have an active job, you will require more than this. A simple way to measure your hydration is look at your urine, it’s actually quite accurate. You should be looking for anything from clear to a pale straw colour, if you are seeing a dark yellow colour you ARE dehydrated.

So why is water so important?

Water is vital for a number of reasons regardless of any exercise or fitness goals, it is vital for general health. Water is essential for transportation around the body, to ensure efficient delivery of vitamins and minerals to body cells. It is also used for temperature regulation and lubrication of joints, which is very important if you do undertake any form of exercise. Water is also essential for the formation of blood and chemical reactions within cells, think anything that is liquid based within the body is mostly water, you wouldn’t get very far with solid blood would you?

It is quite possible, although unhealthy to survive a couple of weeks without food, however if you tried to survive without water, you would almost certainly die within a week.

It is so easy to overlook the importance of water, but the reality is, we CAN NOT function efficiently without it, with a lack of water you are likely to feel more lethargic and your skin and hair quality will begin to suffer. Although SOME other drinks do contribute to hydration, most fruit juices and fizzy drinks can actually have the opposite effect. If a drink contains more sugar than your current blood level (6g per 100ml) it will actually draw water out from your cells and have a dehydrating effect. This doesn’t mean fruit juice is as bad as fizzy drinks, decent juice has plenty of health benefits, it just simply isn’t a water substitute for hydration.

So why is water important?
·      Transportation – minerals, nutrients
·      Chemical reactions – all of them!! Brain function, energy production, digestion etc
·      Lubrication
·      Formation of blood

The best thing about drinking water, is it is extremely difficult to drink too much of it, excess will just be passed as urine, so drink it at every opportunity. The best way to absorb water is at room temperature, in small amounts periodically throughout the day, however, any water is better than no water!

Be smart. Stay Hydrated.

Thanks for Reading

Ben Hutton
Personal Trainer 

Ben Hutton