Carbs Make you FAT!...Really?


The low carb or Ketogenic diet, is one most of us have heard of, and have been led to believe it is the best way to lose weight, but why? It begins with the rumour that carbohydrates make you fat, which isn’t the reality at all.

So why do we think carbs make us fat? It’s nothing but simple association, the common ‘bad’ foods such as crisps, sweets, cakes, pizza, alcohol etc are all carbohydrate based, and it’s too much of these types of food that can lead to weight gain through a calorie excess.

The reality is that SOME high carbohydrate foods are high in refined sugar, and high in CALORIES, but not all of them. It isn’t carbohydrate that causes weight gain, it is an excess in calories. If for example you required 2000 calories per day to maintain your weight, this could be made up of steak and salad, or doughnuts, it would be irrelevant for weight loss/gain. Of course there would be health implications, but weight loss is a simple numbers game…

If your calories out (burned through living, moving and exercising) are more than your calories in (food and drink), you WILL lose weight/fat, and this is known as a calorie deficit.

Carbohydrates are our body’s main source of fuel, and the only source of fuel for the brain. A no or low carb diet will cause tiredness, muscle fatigue and lack of concentration, and wont be maintainable long term, which often leads to a ‘yo yo’ diet, and a quick re-gain of weight.

Low carb diets can be successful for weight loss, but this isn’t because you aren’t eating carbs, it is because the lack of carbs has caused a calorie deficit causing you to burn more calories than you’re consuming. Look at the government basic eat well guideline, and imagine removing the majority of it! Does that sound fun?

So what is the easiest and most maintainable thing we can do to lose weight? Just eat LESS, if you enjoy the types of food you eat, and don’t want to give up whole food groups, just reduce the quantity of food you’re eating.

You can lose weight eating ANY food…IF your calories are reduced, so think before you ban bread and pasta from the household, is it necessary and is it really something you WANT to do?

Ben Hutton @bnhfitness
Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Ben Hutton