So you think you want a six pack?


OK, so you want decent abs? Join the club. Within the fitness industry, six pack abs are plastered all over magazine covers, social media and product packaging, giving us the impression its not so hard, right? I mean everyone appears to have one…

The truth is a small percentage of people are genetically very lucky, they store very little body fat and maintain a lean physique without too much effort. These are mostly the people you are seeing with six packs. Doesn’t sound like you? Me neither. That doesn’t mean its not possible, it just means you need to sacrifice a lot more in order to achieve it, and you need to ask yourself, is it worth it?

In order to achieve six pack abs, most of us will have to track calories daily, workout 5/6 times a week, including weights and cardio, and give up most of the things we enjoy, including alcohol, eating out and junk food. It may not sound too difficult, but is it really what you want and can you maintain it? My philosophy is about helping people set and achieve realistic goals through making small lifestyle changes, so they can enjoy a fitter and healthier body, without giving up the things they love.

As a teenager, I used to be like most guys starting out in the gym, I was lost in a sea of contradictory information and quick fix promises, and I genuinely believed I could achieve a six pack. I didn’t know at the time, how controlled my diet would need to be, as all the ‘Six pack in six week’ and ’30 day ab challenge’ articles didn’t really focus on the sacfrices…So that leads me to now, with the knowledge and understanding I have gained over the years, I am setting out to get a six pack. Why? So I can show you, the average person, how much I, another average person, has to give up to achieve it, and make you think, is it worth it?

We should be striving for a healthy body, and only ever aiming to improve ourselves, not aiming to compete with magazine and instagram fitness models.

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Ben Hutton
Personal Trainer

Ben Hutton