Facilities & Training Options

There are a few different options to begin your journey, I am mobile, flexible and have a range of equipment that can be used anywhere.


PRivate Gym Training

I operate mainly out of my own private gym in Great Barton, I have a full range of equipment to help us achieve YOUR GOALS! 

This is a great option for those hesitant about joining a gym, and wanting to train in a comfortable and safe environment, maybe you aren't comfortable exercising around others? My gym has a range of commercial weights, along with cardio equipment and a variety of kit to make your sessions diverse and stimulating.


OUtside - public parks

A great option for interval and circuit training, especially for pairs or small groups.

We can train in a park near you, saving you time and effort of travelling to the gym.


in the comfort of your own home

Perhaps time is of the essence and you want to get your training in without having to rush around, if so, let me come to you.

I can bring a small range of equipment with me, however depending on your goals this option may limit progress eventually.